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Visual Cryptography

Visual cryptography is a cryptographic technique which allows optical information (pictures, text, etc.) to be encrypted in such a way that decryption becomes an automatic operation that does not require a computer.


  • Visual cryptography is one of the techniques used in recent times to sustain the top secret message broadcast.
  • Intricacy of encryption and decryption method is reduced in this technique and also two way communication can be achieved very steadily.
  • Halftone visual cryptography, watermarking visual cryptography, extended visual cryptography using complementary are the different techniques.
  • Shares pair, secondary black pixels and parallel error diffusion are also used.
  • It is a secret-sharing technique that encrypts a secret picture into numerous shares but requires neither computer nor calculations to decrypt the secret image.
  • Reconstruction of the secret image is done visually: simply by overlaying the encrypted shares the secret image becomes clearly visible.

Block Diagram

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  • Easy to implement.
  • Hard problem dependency is not required while encryption.
  • No decryption algorithm required, anyone can decrypt the message.
  • FAX or E-MAIL is the mode of transmitting the cipher text.
  • The message cannot be predicted by infinite computation method.

Real Time Examples

  • Customer Identification in Banks.
  • Anti – spam bot.
  • Electronic voting Machine.
  • Colored digital watermarks.