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With the Open Source Revolution, encouraging many software giants to showcase their strength, here we have The Android from Google's workshop. Android, is a Linux based operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, and its advent has revolutionised the smartphone market. Today, there is craze of Android-powered smartphones and the whole world of software developers, make it an aim to develop apps for the Android market.


Just a line would suffice in answering the above question: "uniq technologies are the best Android project makers in this city. "Uniq has its own style of tinkering and moulding apps for this revolutionary platform.uniq technologies providing IEEE Final year Projects 2016 for engineering students in Android from various domains like Cloud Computing and Web Mining and are emerging areas of researches in the computing world and its no surprise that we are proving Android-based projects in these areas. See our complete list of projects to get yourself convinced that we are what we have said here "The best".


I am Suresh, uniq Technologies is the Best Android Project centre in Chennai, They are Implementing the Android Platform in IEEE 2016 Papers, They are doing Projects for Final Year cse/it Students,IEEE Final Year Projects in Java/dotnet/android/oracle,Application Projects in PHP

UNIQ Technologies is the best project centre in Chennai, UNIQ Technologies offers IEEE 2016 Final Year projects for Engineering students in JAVA, Dot Net, Android, Oracle and PHP technologies. uniq Technologies are doing IEEE 2016 Dotnet Final Year Projects For Engineering Students.They are the best android project centre in chennai. by Karthick Alpha College.

Itís my pleasure to thank u more than Saying thanks alone. Iam Suganya from Valliammai Engineering College. My domain is Surveillance and I choose Android as platform for my project. Everyone uses mobile but very few are analyzing about the manipulation of the mobile. Nowadays technology as improved vice versa, Peoples are fastly moved from Basic model mobiles to Android. But the application in the android is not much easy as thinking. I have learnt a different thing about android than what I thought before entering into Uniq. Usually I used to think that I should be different from others like wise I took a different project from different project centre. I am amazed about my states now and I feel that I became standardized nowadays.
In whole hearted I wish you to grow more. And I really thank you for supporting me in project session.

On the outset, I am in need to thank of you peoples,
I am Bhavana from RMK Engineering College I have done my final year Android project in your centre, Successfully I got nice grades in presenting that project. U have Guided and treated US well.. Comparing my classmates, my project seems to be a good in quality. And I felt comfort about everything. Since, Because of these I have done my final Exams Well. I have got nice coaching for my technical Skills and as well as communication. Hopping that i will get placed nice company by Appling the things which i learned in ur centre on my Recruitment. Thanks again, I will direct my juniors to u for their Projects also.



1. Statistically undetectable JPEG steganography: Dead ends challenges, and
     opportunities (IEEE 2016).
2. Mobile Deck: Turning SMS into a Rich User Experience (IEEE 2016).


1. Query assurance verification for outsourced multi-dimensional data (IEEE 2016).
2. A new Method of QR Code Accumulation Encoding in Mobile Shopping
     (IEEE 2016).
3. Search for a global positioning system device to measure person
     travel (IEEE 2016).
4. Photon-counting double-random-phase encoding for secure image verification
     and retrieval (IEEE 2016).
5. Speech-to-sign technology and enables audible language translation on smart
     phones (IEEE 2016).


1. Mobility Management Strategy Based on User Mobility Patterns in Wireless
     Networks (IEEE 2016).
2. Modeling temporal structure of decomposable motion segments for activity
     classification(IEEE 2016).
3. Anti Thefet Intimation based on Vechicle Trackins System Usign Android
     SmartPhone (IEEE 2016).


1. Privacy in mobile computing for location-sharing-based services (IEEE 2016).
2. CloneCloud: elastic execution between mobile device and cloud (IEEE 2016).
3. A taxonomy and survey of energy-efficient data centers and cloud computing
     systems (IEEE 2016).


1. Building data warehouses with semantic web data (IEEE 2016).
2. Learning transportation mode from raw gps data for geographic applications on
     the web (IEEE 2016).
3. The Utility Business Model and the Future of Computing Services (IEEE 2016).
4. Dynamic privacy-preserving key management scheme for location-based services
     (IEEE 2016).


1. Private location centric profiles for geosocial networks (IEEE 2016).
2. Accurate absolute gps positioning through satellite clock error
     estimation (IEEE 2016).


1. Segmenting motion capture data into distinct behaviors (IEEE 2016).


1. GPS accuracy estimation using map matching techniques: Applied to vehicle
     positioning and odometer calibration (IEEE 2016).
2. A Dynamic Index Structure for Spatial Searching (IEEE 2016).
3. Secure Voting Using Disconnected, Distributed Polling Devices (IEEE 2016).
4. An efficient JPEG steganographic scheme based on the block entropy of DCT
     coefficients (IEEE 2016).
5. Design and implementation of student information management
     system (IEEE 2016).
6. Design of Vehicle Position Tracking System Using smartphone (IEEE 2016).
7. A General Scheme for Extracting QR Code from a non-uniform background in
     Camera Phones and Applications (IEEE 2016).
8. Improving mobile database access over wide-area networks without degrading
     consistency (IEEE 2016).
9. Distortion-based anonymity for continuous queries in location-based mobile
     services (IEEE 2016).
10. Intra-College Communication Information System using Mobile Clients
     (IEEE 2016).


1. Automated Health Alerts Using In-Home Sensor Data for Embedded Health
     Assessment (IEEE 2016).
2. Model-Based mean Arterial pressure estimation using simultaneous
     Electrocardiogram and oscillometric Blood Pressure measurements (IEEE 2016).
3. On the Potential of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology for Vehicular Applications
     (IEEE 2016).
4. Multi-hop WBAN Construction for Healthcare IoT Systems (IEEE 2016).
5. Development of Android based on-line monitoring and control system for
     Renewable Energy Sources (IEEE 2016).
6. Snap n' shop: Visual search-based mobile shopping made a breeze by machine
     and crowd intelligence (IEEE 2016).
7. Occupancy Detection via ibeacon on Android Devices for smart Building
     management (IEEE 2016).
8. Personal Lung Function Monitoring Devices for Asthma Patients (IEEE 2016).


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IEEE final year projects

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best project centre in chennai - Final Year Android Projects

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ieee final year projects for engineering students - Best Android Training In Chennai

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best project centre in chennai - Final Year Android Projects

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best project centre in chennai - Final Year Android Projects

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